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Last Updated: May 23, 2016 10:12AM BST

The Retro Receiver is a new product from our friends at 8Bitdo and Analogue! It's perfect for those of you that love your retro gaming with a fusion of new tech! A bluetooth dongle for your NES! It's amazing! And we put together this little list of questions that have been asked by our customers! If your question isn't here, drop us an email at and we will add it right away.

Q) Does this product have any region issues?

A) It does not! The RR will work with any NES, and the TV connected does not matter. It's all up to the NES unit! So don't worry about that one, it'll do all the work through the console. 

Q) Can I use this with my computer or as a general dongle?
A) You can! As you can hook it up via Micro USB and it'll use function on output mode, so you pair your desired controller to play away!

Q) How does this device charge? 
A) Simple Micro USB method! The box is provided with an 8Bitdo branded Micro USB cable. So hook it up to the appropriate port and leave it for around an hour, and it should be fully charged and ready to go! To see if you need to charge the device, you can check the light on the side, if it starts to flash red, then give the device a small rest to recharge.

Q) How long does this device last on a full charge?
A) Around 10 hours, and charges quite quickly as well. So you won't be left waiting long!

Q) Do you ship the Retro Reciever from the UK or America?
A) We ship right from the UK! Our warehouse is located in York, so if you are in the UK or Europe, you'll have the unit faster than Sonic himself!

Q) How do I pair the device up?
A) It's really simple! Below is a step by step guide on what to do.

1. Power on your controller and enter pairing mode.
2. Press the red pairing button on the RR to pair with your controller.
3. Wait until both LED lights are solid.
4. Your controller is now paired and ready to go!

Q) Can this be paired with any Bluetooth controller?
A) Not every single one, but some of the best! Things like a PS3, PS4, Wii Mote, and Wii U Pro controller can connect to the Retro Receiver just fine! Also works with all 8Bitdo controllers as well, which are in a class of their own! 

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