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NeoGeo X - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2015 01:40PM BST

Why has the NEOGEO X been released so long after the release of the original NEOGEO AES system? 
The NEO GEO X GOLD SYSTEM is a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the launch of the NEOGEO AES

What is included with the NEOGEO X Gold System?
Included in the box -
NEOGEO X Handheld x1
NEOGEO X Station x1
NEOGEO X Arcade Stick x1
NEOGEO X Game Card - Ninja Masters x1
Power Supply x1
HDMI Cable x1
A/V Out Cable x1
Quick Start Guide x1

Does the NEOGEO X Gold support original NEOGEO games cartridges?
No, there is no ability to load original AES cartridges on the Neo Geo X Gold System. The NEOGEO X Station can only house the NEOGEO X Handheld inside as a docking station.

Do I need a NEOGEO X Game Card / Cartridge?
No, the twenty games are already pre-loaded onto the NEOGEO X Handheld, but NEOGEO X Game Cards will be available with extra gaming content. More info about this will be announced at a later date.

Does the NEOGEO X use the NEOGEO AES Memory card system?
No, the NEOGEO X does not facilitate the use of the NEOGEO AES save facility. Two games on the NEOGEOX, Magician Lord and Baseball Stars II make reference to the "Memory Card" but this service is not functional.

How do I connect to my TV?
You can connect the NEOGEO X to your TV set via HDMI or A/V Out. For the true retro gaming experience we recommend using the AV cable provided.

Is the video output high definition via HDMI? 
The NEOGEO X outputs a 480p signal to the TV via HDMI. A HDMI cable is also included.

Can I use my existing NEOGEO Controller?
No, but we have created a 1:1 all new NEOGEO X Arcade Stick. The experience is 100% the same.

Is the NEOGEO X Gold 2 Player?
Yes it is. Additional NEOGEO X Arcade Sticks are sold separately (available here).

How large is the screen on the NEOGEO X Handheld Console?
It is 4.3" diagonally measured.

How long do the batteries last on the NEOGEO X Handheld?
A minimum of 3-4 hours on a full charge.

Which languages are supported with the NEOGEO X?

Does the NEOGEO X have built in memory?
Yes is does, but the main method of game storage are the NEOGEO X Game Cards

How long is the battery life of the NEOGEO X?
A fully charged battery should last for approximately 3-4 hrs continuous gameplay.

How do I charge the battery for the NEOGEO X?
The NEOGEO X must not be charged using a stand alone power supply or USB cable. ALWAYS connect the NEOGEO X to the Docking Station to charge it.

How often should I charge my NEOGEO X battery?
As frequently as required – The NEOGEO X uses a Lithium-Ion battery and you will increase the life span of your battery if you wait for the battery to fully deplete before charging.

Can I use the NEOGEO X on Aeroplanes or in Hospitals?
Yes, within the set guidelines of the relevant Airline or Hospital.

Do I need a special set of headphones or can I use my own?
You can use your own headphones - any pair of headphones with a 3.5mm jack will work.

How does the NEOGEO X Handheld dock with the NEOGEO X Station?
The NEOGEO X physically slots inside the NEOGEO X Docking Station.

What type of memory does the NEOGEO X handheld expandable game card slot take?
It uses specially formatted NEOGEO X Game Cards. Please check this website for the latest game information.

What is the plan on allowing customers to play additional NEOGEO games beyond the 20 included?
Please check this website for the latest information. The plan is to release other games that will be exclusive to the NEOGEO X format.

Is the NEOGEO X Arcade Stick wireless?
No, it connects into the NEOGEO X Docking Station with a cable, just like the original. 

Since the NEOGEO X Docking Station is able to connect to an HDTV, will there be any way to change the display settings on how the game looks on the TV? (such as aspect ratio and HD resolution?)
On the NEOGEO X Handheld, you can change the aspect ratio of the screen between 16:9 and 4:3. The games are in their original format and resolution, not High Definition. On HDMI-compatible TV's, the TV's themselves will usually have the option to switch between 16:9 mode and 4:3 mode.

All Neo Geo consoles are updated to the latest version prior to dispatch unless you specifically request you do NOT want it updated.

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